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Thank you Steve, and Kavan Smith, another very enjoyable and delightful interview! :)


Thank you for a terrific interview. Kavan Smith is one of my favorites, love him as Lorne. He has good chemistry with both Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett as well as Rachel Luttrell and Jason Momoa. Great to see the article, especially as his birthday is Wednesday.


Thank you for a great interview. i think Kavan is GAWGESS! LOL i think he plays a good character. am telling you if i was a directer for a programme on tv i would ask him if he wanted a role because he is fine but hesbetter than fine hes GAWGESS!

chelsea aged 14


Have been a big fan of Kavan's for 14years now (since I first saw him in an episode of 'Outer Limits' in 1995) but don't get to see nearly enough of him on British TV. We've yet to see Stargate Atlantis (Seasons 4-5) here in the UK (unless you're lucky enough to have digital) so Kavan has not yet become the big star I know he will be, once audiences here have seen this much underrated actor on our screens. PLEASE can we have a lot more of him on UK TV as soon as possible. Health Happiness are wished for him his family for the future.

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