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I love Stargate so I am willing to give the new Strargate a chance. I will pray that it isn't going to be like Battlestar, never did like the new show.

Dawna Ambacher

I can't beleive that you would cancel a quality show like Dresden files for something called of all things Scare Tactics. At least Dresden had a plot and not an idiot for a host. Good Gods man what were you thinking of when you did that ? Well at least you had the good sence not to cancel Santuary. I mean as a SCI FI fan you guys are nuts to get rid of a good thing for some thing idotic.

Lynn Emery

Will the original Stargate SG1 episodes be back on TV? I miss seeing the shows.


Hi Lynn, Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope you're enjoying the blog. RE- Stargate SG-1 episodes, at the moment, The Syfy Channel is running an Atlantis ep and an SG-1 ep. after the late-night Friday repeats of SGU and Sanctuary. Hope that helps! Steve :)

Watch Stargate Universe Online

Quite informative. Stargate has always been my favorite show. Great read.

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