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Vicki Rolland

I am interested in finding out if Parriott and Edelstein had written a complete text over what would happen to the crew and support over the next seasons. Even though it appears that there will be no next season, I think there is a lot of interest in the story and the characters.

I also think that the stories got more interesting as the series continued and "Kiss" was an excellent season closer. Are Parriott and Edelstein considering publishing their planned exploits of Antares?
Thank you

Michael Scott

I would like to echo the last poster's question. Our local roleplaying group has taken an interest in the Antares and her crew, as well as the ambitious mission. We're using a commercial game system (Steve Jackson's GURPS) to recreate the ship and have written up extensive speculation concerning what happens next- the trip to Mercury, the gravity slingshot around the sun, the long trajectory to Mars, and so forth, with much speculation about how Beta, Gamma and Delta are affecting the crew.

I think it would be fantastic if Mr. Parriott could provide his fans with the ongoing stores of the Antares mission.

jane froud

also a huge fan of lost but think it has strayed from it's original premise a little bit too much. will still watch the last season next year as really want to know how things finish and get some answers to all the questions the series has raised but i do think that when the tv companies have stuck with 'lost' they should also have given 'defying gravity' another few series as it was equally compelling. jane

jane froud

have just finished watching defying gravity and absolutely LOVED it. really can't believe that it has been axed - what is wrong with american audiences??? another huge favourite in our household was 'life' with damien lewis and that has also been pulled. maybe these storylines are just too thoughtful for american audiences? personally i have really loved the relationship between zoe and donner and all the other characters were interesting and well rounded. well done to everyone concerned - just so sorry we will not see any more of it. jane


Another disappointed international fan of Defying Gravity here - an intelligent and engrossing story, likeable and talented actors with seemingly genuine on-screen chemistry and deep character progression.

It was definitely a winner that suffered due to no promotion and poor scheduling in the US it appears.

How can we lend support to / revive this show ?

Judy Masone

Hi. Loved the entire first season as did my husband, nephew and many other dying gravity groupies! It is really important that the enitre series be seen to its fruition. I am trying to think out of the box without really understanding the TV industry. Have you considered a web page where donations could be sent to continue the second, third and hopefully many more seasons could be shown via internet? Fundraising via membership is a possibility. I know that many of us would pay to see this show continue. Also, I can't really see this show being seen on ABC. This show is the caliber worthy of an HBO series! In closing, any ideas to keep this series alive should be considered. Thanks for an awesome series. Let's go Season II!!


In response to all of the above, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!! I bloody love it and it would be so unfair to not continue and not let me find out if Donner Zoe end up happy????


I definitely contribute!!!!

Anita Marsano

responder 5: How can we lend support to / revive this show ?

responder 6: I am trying to think out of the box without really understanding the TV industry.

Everything I've seen and read regarding the TV series Defying Gravity has revived hope that very soon we will all see the need to evaluate and take responsibility for our choices and actions. Congrats to the writer/producers for their insight and choice of delivery. Season 1 was exciting and fast-moving and basically interesting as well as educational, thought provoking and captivating.

If this storyline was continued as a series, it would keep this message ongoing in people's lives allowing the information to be absorbed in bits over time.

I hope some humanitarian sees the potential value of this program using this media and ensure that the series continues to completion. A book would/will certainly be a success and probably be made into a movie at some future date but the first choice of a long-term series is definitely the best medium to promote change in audience thought and behavior.

What can be done to encourage ABC to reconsider or for a different network to pick up this program as a series, even though the exclusive option has been taken away by ABC's unfortunate management of this budding series?

john daniels

I was totally enthralled by the first season's episodes.
the storyline gave me the feeling that it could build itself into a cult-like series, say like Blakes 7.

Perhaps the author might write the book instead


This series was grossly misrepresented by ABC. This could have quite possibly, with some advertising, been bigger than StarTrek TNG which was #1 for many seasons. This was a great show that even my Sci-Fi hating wife loved! I will continue to hope for it revival. Good work, James.


Bring the great show back. Get rid of old star trek reruns.( its a joke nothing but a comic) Why did they cancel this great show? I thought this was one of the best ever. It was developing into something then the ypulled the cord!. It seem more politics fighting over airtime in ABC or anyother. real sad I was searching for more episode then realized they pulled it so soon

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