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Those of us who picked Kyle career up at Blood Ties, and some of us prior to that, know that Kyle is destined for bigger and better things. It's been a real joy to watch his career.


Love Kyle Schmid. Sadly LT was stupid in letting that fantastic BT series go but I'm so thrilled his career continues to grow. Now everyone will find out what we know, he's not only a hottie, but a fantastically talented young man. He's not one of these arrogant stuck up young actors that think they are something they are not..good luck Kyle!


Thanks for the new article on the handsome and most talented Kyle Schmid.

ccrulz,I totally agree with you on everything you said about Kyle.Could not have said it better.See you soon Kyle.


Great article! I could almost hear Kyle's voice as I read it.
One of these days that man's career is going to soar, and then everyone will get a chance to know what an awesome actor he is.
Thanks for giving us a chance to catch up with him.


Fantastic article on Kyle! With his looks and talent, he could easily become an arrogant snob, but I don't sense that about him at all. I sense a young man who is grateful for his successes in life, and truly appreciative of the fans who have followed his career. Good luck Kyle, may your star continue to shine bright!

Tania (tmfc38)


I agree with everything was said about Kyle. I'm so far from him, in Brazil (South America) and even this way, I know that! From now, all the world will know that.


Great article about Kyle! Not only is he a handsome and talented actor, but he is a truly lovely person. I look forward to all his future successes.

Kyle, your fans are cheering you every step of the way!


Thank you for the wonderful article. Kyle has amazing talent, and I know he's going to go far. Kyle is also an amazing young man, one who is genuine, true, and honestly appreciates his fans and the opportunities that come his way. May his star grow brighter with each new project. Break a leg Kyle!


Great article on Kyle. We loved/enjoyed his performance in BT - Henry adorable vampire. I wish him all success in all his future projects.

Buena Suerte Kyle!!!!


Hopefully as his star continues to shine, he will get more and more roles.

Kyle has all the charisma and looks of the greats of years past.

Thanks for the great article.

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