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Maria Grazia

"I suspect the viewers will not like him"??? We love him. We are so many, all over the world, enchanted by tha magic Richard was able to create with this complex baddie. Thanks for this interview!

Harley Trimm

Richard Armitage is a great actor. I loved him in Robin Hood. He pulled off the Gisborne character wonderfully. RA was saying Gisborne was bedraggled and will not be liked. I thought he was more sexy and his character was intriguing. This was by far the best season. One question I would like to ask RA is what is his plans for the future? I got so used to seeing him on tv every week. I hope Richard will return to screen soon. I heard a rumor he was being considered for the next Doctor who, is there truth to this? I think he would be great for that part. We here in the USA love Richard Armitage and would love to see more of him. I hope Robin Hood wasn't the end of his work.

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