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Thom Johnson


I am interested in knowing the nearly abandoned village's name where they were looking for the werewolf. The tracks you located would be the appropriate size for a creature standing on its' hind legs.

These are not the only werewolves that exist by the way, the Native American Indians also have such a beast and may be able to shed some light on this subject for you..

I do believe this is a subject that you need to spend more than one night on to come up with the truth about.

Sasquatch is a legend, but many have saw it, but it is elusive as is any large beast with a lot of real estate. At least you were in the right area with many eye witnesses about the werewolf. But you really needed to put in the time and interview the few people in the village to find the beast and put the myth to rest or not.

Thank you for your time and please email me the name of the town as I can do some research for myself further on this matter.

Thom Johnson

Mike Hardy

Hello my name is michael hardy. my brother jeff hardy and i work for the wwe (world wreasling entertainment). I thought that the werewolf episode was very interesting. I would like to investigate more but chase the beast. The new episode that will be broadcasted next thursday. I was wachting the episode for the yeti and i think that this episode will be even better.

Any body who wants to email me at [email protected] can because i want to make a club were we discuss destination truth about episodes or future episodes i will respond asap.

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