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Thank you for this article. It's been fun reading it. I didn't know where I could read an article on one of my favourite Primeval stars!!! This was real cool!!! :D


Seems like a very down to earth fellow, and I enjoy his role in Primeval. I hope to find Caffeine on cable, as it has several people I've liked in other roles.


hello, I love andrew lee potts in alice he is a grate actor and in primeval he is a really nerdy cute guy when i right this you may think i am a nerd for it bur as you can see i have been looking for a site so that i may well talk with andrew lee potts one on one you know not for to long just for a second so if you get anything please tell me thank you.


I am thrilled to see Primeval picked up to (at least) rescue Connor and Abby from the abyss and give fans closure. I'm excited about that!

Loved Alice, too. Looking forward to seeing more work from Mr. Potts, as well. Thus far I've quite liked what I've seen. Bravo!


I am a Chinese girl, saw Alice 4 times, I fell in love with Andrew lee potts, I wanted to chat with him!

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