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He is embodying the exact definition of what I've always hoped to see someone do with this character. I love his character in Primeval and I've noticed him in a few movies over the years also. He's a fantastic actor and I hope he gets many more opportunities to show us what he can do.

Jennifer Johnson

Please allow me to say that I was aware of Andrews work before, however after watching Alice, I am now in love with Andrews work! The Alice film was a delight to wonder through. A fresh approach that I enjoyed even though I was looking for the original story line. I found myself waiting for the next step of this new telling. As a romantic at heart, I was pleased with the end of this story, leaving me with a wonderful feeling! Wonder-pun intended =)

Kathy Humber

I enjoyed this version of Alice. Especially Andrew's version of the Mad Hatter. He brought an interesting, captivating, and fun version of the character. I found myself watching the movie, the ending in particular (which I loved) several times. I have not seen Primeval but will have to check it out. Andrew has been added to my "favorite actor" list.

Joanne Thorne

I've watched him as Connor on Primeval and really enjoyed his take on the character...sweet and innocent . The "deer in the headlights" act is great fun as well. It made perfect sense to cast him as Hatter. As I watched him I saw Connor but with a confidence and strength that was quite sexy. I thought my God , if the Artful Dodger ever grew up this is who he'd be! I wish Andrew and Hannah all the happiness in the world. And continued professional sucess.


As much as I enjoyed Primeval, and Mr. Potts work with the character of Connor, I really find that the character of Hatter suits him. I didn't know what to think of this retelling of Alice in Wonderland from the previews and teasers, but found myself very much drawn in from the begining of part one. Actually, I was very impressed by the entire project and the work of all of the actors involved. However, it must be said that Andrew shines in this role, and my appreciation for his talent has grown exponentially. I hope this strong effort opens up more opportunities for him to be seen by a wider US market...and I hope Alice is released on DVD some time in the very near future so I can dwell further upon my favorite parts.


I have seen Mr. Potts in quite a few movies myself, BUT i must say Alice is my favorite movie of all. Not just of his acting, but favoirte period. I was a little iffy about the whole remake on Alice In the wonderland, but as i started to watch the show well, I just could not stop. It was very eye catching and he did a very wonderful job i might add. The hatter has been a great inspiration to me only because he relates to many people now a days. People that do not really see what is right in front of them at times. People that are as confused and lost as he was to begin with. The way he started showing his feelings for Alice really was like WOW to me and like i said, i really do LOVE that movie. Andrew is a GREAT actor..one of my favorites none the less. Wish him all the luck.


Loved it! Andrew is now one of my top favorite actors!!! I'll have to check out Primeval now too. Can't wait to see more of him!


OMG! Andrew Lee Potts was sooo amazng in Alice. And really hot too!;) His acting was extravagent and tricky. But I do have to point out that when ho put the saddle on the horse, he let a piece (sinch?) fall in between the horse and the saddle. I want to see so much more of Andrew, I hope he auditions for more movies. I'd love to see his acting, looks, and humor in any upcoming shows or movies... (I LOVE YOU!) lol.
PS. Even though the story was about Alice, it seemed to revolve around Hatter


This is the first time I have seen Andrew in anything, and I loved his character of Hatter. He is just unbelievably cute. I almost panicked at the end, where she goes home and leaves with him unable to tell her how he feels. I wish the movie had gone just a minute more and told us who was going to stay with whom. Is she going back? Is he staying here? Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing Andrew in other endeavors. I will looking for him name in other movies.


I LOVED it!!!in my opinion, they really need to release it on DVD ASAP!!! then work on a sequel like the hatter and alice's daughter hears all these tales and wants to go looking for it but Alice is afraid to let her daughter go or somthing and she goes and ends up hooking up with jack's son er somthing like that.... anyway they need to get it going on DVD in the U.S, MORE SPECIFICALLY VA. And if anyone finds out about any of theses ideas please email me at [email protected]




Loved the character and could not have asked for a better performance. Everyone was good but Potts knocked it out of the park. You know its great when you are still thinking about it days later!! Thank you and hoping to see you again real soon!!


Andrew Lee Potts should play Hatter in the sequel, that'll be alot of fun!!


I really enjoyed watching 'Alice', Andrew Lee Potts was alot of fun, funny and cute as can be, he did a fantastic job as Hatter!! I was hoping that he and Alice were going to be together, at the end when her mother told her that David was at the door, and Alice came out, there was Hatter, I knew they were going to be together at last!! There should be a sequel where they get married and have a daughter who's like Alice, so she goes through the looking glass and falls in love with Jack's son! There are new enemies who find out that she's Hatter's daughter, so they go to the other world ( earth ) and try to find Hatter so they can bring him back to Wonderland! A wonderful, fantastic idea!!

Mary Edmonds

I watched it over and over, enjoying also Andrew's wonderful accent. Then I put it on mute and just watched his expressions with the written dialogue. You can really get into the character this way, watching it once like this. You can see his wonderful acting abilities over and above that lovely voice. All in all, a wonderful role for him.

Mrs. Hatter

I think i'm in love.



Terri Lynn Robertson

Loved this production and especially Hatter!


me 2 loved him at first sight=)

Zelda A

WOW, I have to agree that Potts stole Alice from the minute that he came on screen. I have not heard of Andrew til now, but I am sure we will see more of him.I am in Love with Alice and the fact that they re-run almost every weekend ( I'm in Heaven!!). Bravo to the Co-Canadian production, Awesome work.Good Luck to all in 2010!!!!

Tonya Swanson

I knew nothing of Andrew Lee Potts until watching Alice. After watching it way too many times (mostly forwarding to the Hatter parts) I rushed out to buy Primeval. Found out I also love his Connor role. I am hoping the Alice movie will open doors for him in both British and American movies; he's a wonderful actor. Oh, and a second Alice movie for the SyFy network with lots of Hatter would be wonderful. :-)

Genna Jack

Absolutely loved the character. He is sooooooooo beautiful. Love the shaggy look.


Until i read this i had no idea about Hatter's true colors.Now i know,and i think that what Hatter became after becoming friends with Alice is so cute and just the best thing you could ever dream of.


I love Andrew,he's is probably the best actor of our time!...and i hope with all my heart that there's a sequel! =)


And Andrew Lee Potts is H.O.T HOT!!!!!!!......Love Him

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