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the sequel should be that:the queen(Kathy Bates) gets her throne back and then she sends some of her suites to go and bring Hatter (Andrew Lee Potts) back to wonderland.and Alice(Caterina Scorsone) finds out the next day that Hatter was taken.so Alice of course has alot going on in her mind:where is he?,who took him?,is he alive?...she doesn't know.so she searched her brain thinking of places he could be,she even called the police asking them if they got any missing person alerts,but there wasn't any.then finally when all hope seemed to be lost,she got an idea,he was taken to wonderland.strangly she seemed to remember chasing the white rabit to the looking glass.so she traced her steps carefully trying to remember where he ran off to.them she found it,so she took a few deep breaths and jumped into the looking glass.and sought out to find him...


I have to say.. This is the first time i've ever seen Andrew act and I can't wait to see other movies that he is in.. but for now Alice is now my favorite movie of all time! owo


I agree with some of the other comments. It felt to me like "Alice" was really about Hatter and that Mr. Potts stole the show. However, I think that Mr. Potts and Ms. Scorsone both worked really well together and it really helped the whole film.


Hatter is the main person and alice but it's more about hatter.
And he's hot!

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