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Thank you Steven, and Martin, for a very engaging interview. And for all the lovely photos. Enjoying Sanctuary very much this season, and congratulations to Sanctuary on their 3rd season pickup by Syfy. Best wishes!


It's hard to believe Emilie Ullerup embraced getting fired, especially since she said in an interview that they kept having to re-shoot her final scene because she kept breaking down crying. Firing her was cold, but pretending she was happy about it is just beyond the pale.


I wanted to t hank all the talented workers on Sanctuary for their work and this site for giving us a poignant and enlightening interview. Great work but especially the Sanctuary folks, they work darn hard for what they do putting themselves out there for us and I admire them for and think they rock.

As for EU being happy about being fired I don't think that's what Martin meant, I think he meant she was a consumate professional about it which is a huge compliment to an actor/actress in the business and yes I read the same interview but if I recall correctly she was referring to it being so emotional...her and Amanda had gotten close over the year I'm sure.


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