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Thanks! Great interview. And fans of Hewlett should follow him on twitter at @dhewlett :)


Great interview! I hope that since SGU was renewed for a second season, they find some way to bring the SGA characters in for cameos. Some characters might be a stretch - but I think writing in Dr. McKay would be easy! Long live nerds


Bringing SGA to SGU doesn't make sense. Most SGA fans are ignoring SGU - I know I am. Hewlett, McKay, and the other SGA actors/characters deserve better than that having SGU offered to them. Really.


“One of the things I really like about Atlantis and Stargate as a whole is that sense of humor. Sci-Fi can be incredibly dry and dark, and what we have here, which really helps, is that underlying sense of humor. There’s almost, not a winking at the camera, but a realistic humorous response to certain situations..."

You're right on the money on that one, Hewlett. That's what made us fans of SG-1 and SGA. Love you and miss SGA and all you guys!!
Thanks for the interview :-)


I wish Atlantis was still going I hate stargate universe.

This so called “New and fresh stargate” that seems more like a battlestar galatica rip off even in the way it is flimed.

I am still waiting for the part where “it would be an insult for fans to do the same thing” but I guess it is ok to copy battlestar just like 2 years after it goes off air on the same network….

The more I watch Stargate universe the more I feel like I am watching some rejected battlestar clone that did not make the cut.

Battle star galtica was somewhat revolutionary back in 2005. Stargate universe is like they took that and slapped a Stargate sticker on battlestar and sucked out all the humor, If it keeps goign like that I am not going to watch it anymore.

If i want a battlestar ripoff i can watch battlestar or the new caprica I don't need it in stargate universe.

Atlantis ended too soon Mckay got tons of growth and it made him awsome but everybody else did not get a chance to.


Oh and I must say battlestar made me depressed most of the time to watch but It was still good and then it was a nice change to sci-fi.

and we still had stargate Atlantis that always put me in a good mood.

Now stargate universe is so dark depressing %99.9 of the time it just gets annoying and now that caprica is on it is just plain overload of that style that Stargate universe is trying ripoff and I am getting kind of sick of it already.

But if I had to pick between the two I would go with the original who did it first and pick battlestar and caprice anyday of the week.

mrs sheppard

i miss sga alot.....what i like about the actors on this show is that they know they have very loyal fans and the recognize it too they even state it in interviews how much they adore their fans celebrities today dont really do that but these guys do and that is why i like them especially joe f.


I miss Atlantis so much and McKay is my fave, so not happy that Atlantis props are up for sale, I been clutching on too the idea of seeing McKay and the rest of the SG A team again with the movie, but now see it being pulled away from me by tptb. I too loved the humour and people working together, which SGU is sadly lacking in spades.


Very nice to hear still something about SGA and David. Cant wait the movie... and 6th season.


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