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I love these paranormal shows. There’s a few good ones on these days (I think my favorite is probably Destination Truth) It really wasn’t too long ago that I had a really hard time catching these shows though. Not getting to see a lot of the shows I care about is just one of those things I’ve always just accepted for travelling a lot. Which is too bad because I really enjoy that show. Thankfully though as an employee and subscriber of DISH Network I can have the best of both worlds with the TV everywhere service. It lets me stream any and all of my programming to my mobile devices—like my iPad—freeing me up to watch my shows on lunch breaks, during train rides etc. There’s a great offer going on right now too, the TV everywhere service has never had a monthly fee but there is normally a small initial investment, now you can get it free too. http://bit.ly/mKO2XE

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