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Hey, just one correction. Allison Mack protrays Chloe Ann Sullivan or the majority of the time known as Chloe Sullivan not Chloe Armstrong, lol.

But thanks for posting this. I enjoyed Absolute Justice alot. One of my favourite for this season of SV


AGGHH! I got my Chloes mixed up - I wrote a Stargate Universe article right before Wesley's piece, and I had Chloe ARMSTRONG on the brain. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Aziza! Just went in and made the change to Sullivan :) So pleased to hear you enjoyed Wesley's interview; he was a pleasure to interview. Thanks again for taking the time to drop me a line. Steve :)


No problem. The guest stars did an amazing job on the show. I think I died when I heard Michael Shanks was going to be in Smallville. (whispers - thank you MS for keeping Green Arrow in line - sorry Ollie).

I agree with what Wesley said about the cast having an amazing chemistry. Especially with Allison Mack. Her portrayal with Clark, Oliver and especially Davis (deceased) won me over. You know I would have loved to hear Carter Hall and Chloe Sullivan directly interact - the snarkiness would have been gold

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