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Great interview. Thanks for posting, and Rachel answered my question :):)


Thanks for taking the time to comment, Elyse! Glad you enjoyed the Q & A! There's more like it to come.


More to come? Can we still ask a question? I really enjoyed this interview. Rachel Luttrell seems like such a genuine, honest, and caring person. I'm glad her life is going so well.


Hi Kitty! Thanks for your comment. Ooops, should have been more specific on my "more to come" comment. I meant more actor Q & A's to come. However, this one with Rachel was SO successful that I just might ask her if she'd be willing to do another one in the future. In the meantime, I'm really glad that you enjoyed this one. Yes, Rachel is an absolute delight and a wonderful, kind and generous person :)

Auntie Shan

Thanks again for "passing on" my message to Rachel. And, the rest of the Q&A opportunity. Much appreciated!


My pleasure, Shan ;-)

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