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willard duke

SGU is really what i wanted to see after the story line saga of sg-1 had developed the fact that the race we call Ancient's
had built the Stargate network not the Gou'ld .
if we look closely at the new story line and the ship
Destiny then you will see a brilliant creation of what the Ancients had done to build the Stargate network .
Destiny is the most awesome spaccraft to have ever been built in the science fiction world in my humble opinion !
the only time that we have seen the Ancients in there early time line was in the movie "The Ark of Truth " , of course we did see Oma in the Sg-1 series but she was a assended
ancient not a living one .
so to Brad Wright and Robert Cooper all i can say now about SGU is "well done indeed" !!! Visitation was probably the best episode in the entire Stargate saga ! well done indeed
again and I hope that if syfy won't continue the series mgm will bring it back to Showtime or offer it to HBO !!
the stargate saga is alive and well and now going in the right direction with the new crew and especially Destiny as
there new home .
maybe in later episodes we will see dr.jackson and dr. mckay on Destiny via the stones and maybe col.carter ?
that would really be something would it not ????????????
w.a. duke


All I can say is


SGU is amazing, and if it dosn't work out with SyFy then i'm sure Space will always give you a chance :P
(then I as a canadian can actually contribute to the views!)


I’m trying to find a contact email address or postal address for any of the writers/producers of StarGate SGI or Atlantis: Brad Wright, Robert C Cooper, Joseph Mallozi and Jonathan Glassner. If you can help – PLEASE let me know! Thanks – I really appreciate it!! (Australia)


Hi Tammy, You can contact Joe Mallozzi via his blog at the following link:

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