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lonnie duke

i am still shocked by the decision to cancel SGU ! given a little more time and back on friday night the show would have
really caught on . being as different as Universe was it did take time for me to appreciate and get into where the story line was going and how fantastic the ship Destiny was . the actors cast as the crew members did a Excelent job and i wish them well in the future .now there are no new shows about the Stargate saga on TV and it will be missed by many, many fans and me . i hope that MGM will somehow find a Network to continue the journey . it is a sad day when grown men in there
swim suits parade around in a boxing ring pretending to be fighting is more important than a real science fiction show that is on a supposed to be sci-fi network !!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's sad news indeed! I hope they can move the show to a different network or something and keep it going, The CW or Space maybe. It'd be a real shame if it ended so abruptly. I mean, they finally revealed the Destiny's true mission and it's as epic and hardcore as some of the best Sci-Fi out there. Sigh...

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