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I liked this but, there are a few mistakes.

"Apparently, the gypsy curse placed on him was to be lifted if he ever experienced true love."
It wasn't true love that lifted the curse but a moment of pure happiness...which happened when he.. when him and Buffy were.. you get the idea. :-P

Angel was sent to a hell dimension, not just hell. It was later thought that 'The First' had brought him back when he returned.

"Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Angel teams up with fellow Buffy alumni Wesley Wyndam-Price (Alexis Denisof) and Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) to stop the forces of evil from preying upon the city’s weak and innocent. They are helped for a time by an Irish demon named Doyle (Glenn Quinn)."
Wesley was not introduced on Angel until Doyle died. Doyle was half-demon but had a link to 'The Powers That Be' which gave him visions of people in trouble. It's while helping the first person that he meets up with Cordelia who had went to LA to be an actress. Starving and broke, she and Doyle convince Angel to let her work at the newly formed Angel Investigations which "helps the hopeless".

"In year three, they welcome aboard Fred (Amy Acker), a young woman from another dimension, and lounge lizard Lorne (Andy Hallett)."
Fred was not from another dimension but was sent there five years prior to being rescued by Angel and the gang. Lorne ran a non-violent karaoke bar and was from Pylea, the place where Fred had been sent. Lorne could read people when they sang.

Darla was brought back in the last episode of season 1 as a human. She remained human until being turned back into a vampire by Drusilla.

Angel's relationship with Connor is strained mostly because Connor was kidnapped as an infant and raised in another dimension by an enemy of Angel who told him about Angelus' past.

Shara says

Wonderful interview!

Two minor nitpicks. Amy Acker's character, Fred, was not from another dimension. She was from this one, and got sucked into the other dimension and was trapped there for five years, in Pylea, until they rescued her. Also, Whistler didnt first take Angel to Sunnydale, he took Angel to LA to see Buffy, at her old high school, to see her being called as the slayer by her first Watcher. That is where he fell in love with her, he later explained. He subsequently followed her to Sunnydale.

God I'm a geek. Sorry...


Thanks Shara and Valerie - glad you liked the interview and I always appreciate the feedback and any "nitpicks." :)


I was sad to see Angel got axed, on the other hand, The vampire with the soul was aging on screen... the actor is only mortal. It's kinda silly but it's true. David's acting is ok with room for improvement, Wesley is really good actor though. My favorite couple of course is no other than Wesley and Fred. totally ate up that tragic love story crap... seriously.


Sigh, I miss watching new eps of Buffy and Angel.

If I ever win £300m I'm gonna do a Captain Mal and start the shows up again.


I cried often in both Buffy and Angel, mostly over and for Spike, but I still start crying an ep ahead of the Wesley/Illyria/Fred "lie to me" scene. That is the most heartbreaking scene in all of Buffy/Angel series. I was not an Angel fan, but dang, turn Angelus loose and I was there. Hot, evil, sexy Angelus.


when was this interview actually done? no mention of season 4 or 5 and he talks as though it's currently happening? I mean I see it's copyright is WB, but I don't see anywhere that says when this actually took place.


Hi TimTim - All my daily "Sci-Fi Blast From The Past" entries are portions of previously published interviews that I've done during my past 25 or so years as a professional freelance journalist. This interview with David was one of two that I had the pleasure of doing and was conducted, I believe, during the third season of ANGEL. Hope that info helps! Thanks for taking the time to post a question/comment :)

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