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My friends and I have been watching your videos but "The Gohts of The Great Wall" caught us by surprise. Because before Josh said someone touched my backpack there was something that passed him then it was behind him. The thing that passed you looked like a woman. She was wearing a long puffy jacket. Her face was covered by the camera rod on your back.
When you were disscussing about your experiance to your team, there was something sitting by your left. It had what looked like a skull face and it had a little hair too. It looked like it had black clothing on with a fluffy gray collar.
Hope to hear from you soon.


THE TOMB----- hi gosh i truly dont know if you all read what we write however i too have stood just were you had,freeky is in no way even a way or word too explain what all goes on there,and its not just there ,the whole area is somewhat screaming with things which we as normal people truly cant explain.Imyself would truly love too see you re-vist the whole area a one hour-made for t v show,with all the trimmings and facts,thruth is thruth and as you very well no,,,its your job too report it,there's no better way too do this you ,,yourself returning back too [the tomb]ie,tuts if others which too knowsend me a email once your all back tere thanks GHOSTSEEKERSCANADATM*

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