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Kelly Szentgyorgyi

Lovely interview. Thank you, Carl, and Steve!

Joseph Jones

Great interview!


That sums up all : 'In some ways Atlantis was more fun because you could joke around.'

SGA was more fun in every way


robert cooper decided the stargate saga needed a new direction in universe . so he used a lot of battlestar galacitca's dark
drama aimed at the 30 and under age group . unfortunately for mr. cooper he seems to have forgot the stagate sg-1 fan base is 30 and up . like gunsmoke, the x-files , babalon 5 , st/next generation , voyager and the list goes on with one cancellation after another . universe died because the people in charge made bad decisions in vancouver and syfy only cares about money ! not quality science fiction programs . they would rather have grown men in tights pretending to wrestle and hurt each other . this has been said many times and i also hate to see the stargate series end when universe was finally getting very good . by universe , you will be missed . so now to doctor who ?


It's too bad they decided to cancel the show. Well, the show's not over yet, there even is a 1.000.000$ donation project, I think the webpage is w w w . keepSGUalive . c o m

Terry Roberts

I would like to see more of the Stargate Universe series initiated in 2009. Are you planning on releasing more episodes?
I find your series to be very creative and I have enjoyed watching all of the episodes.


Hi Terry, Many thanks for the post. Unfortuantely, there are no more Stargate Universe episodes being made. The series was cancelled after 2 seasons on Syfy.

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