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David Knowles

I am so looking forward to seeing this, any idea on whether they will share with us the 13 minutes shot so far for the presentation when it is ready.

An I love the idea of the Human race being stuck in the middle, it something I thought about my self.

Was just wondering if they cant get a full TV series together is there any probability of them shrinking down the story to something more manageable like a film which they could fund and make themselves like the people that made Skyline or Monsters.


Could this show make me feel a little better about SGU being cancelled?

Yes. Yes it could.

I like the idea of humans trying to survive in the middle of an alien war. It hasn't really been done, and suggests lots of interesting possibilities.

I only see Jen Spence and Mike Dopud of the SGU cast, but Spence was one of my favorites. Looks like she might be more in the forefront here, which would be a great thing (Carlyle/Blue/[Young] were good in SGU, but some of the others were either acted or written badly).

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