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Excellent interview Steve and Ivon. I love hearing how films and TV shows are made. Its all the little things you never usually hear about to get the final product onto the screen.

I'm intrigued by this group. I'm wondering if the humour is along the lines of GalaxyQuest or a little darker...among many other things..

Good luck with the pilot. I hope it gets picked up and we get to see it in Australia.

Cheers, Maryanne

p.s. awesome photos Lawren!!

Debi C

I hope this is picked up by SyFy. It would be good to see some of the fine actors of Canada having a laugh with us.


Huh? That sounds a lot like David Hewletts "Starcrossed"-idea.


Ann-Marie Sloan

Oh man you shot on November 25th I take it. I will remeber that day for a while. Minutes from work and I fight with a flowerbed. Spent the next two months on crutches with a fractured right ankle.

Can't wait to see this. Hopefully SPACE channel will pick it up. Or any of the film festivals here in Vancouver.

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