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Bonnie Howell

Love Foyle's War on dvd...Michael, Anthony and of course the charming Honeysuckle Weeks! So very glad that someone out there has had the intelligence to realize how well received and loved this series has become! So very glad to know we will be joining our old friends again on some very exciting adventures! Thanks for doing this!


Wow! I just finished watching all the episodes of this fantastic series. Unfamiliar with British actors or their television series, I stumbled on this through Netflix. I grew up watching Lt. Frank Columbo in the television series Columbo.
Foyle’s War has surpassed Colombo in many ways. I wish this series was publicized more here in the USA. There is not much selection on television or the movies with the quality of great acting and believability. This series has to be one of the best television series of all time. Maybe that is why they took it off the air. It seems all great shows are subject to advertising and executives who really do not know what the public craves for entertainment. It is a shame they took it off the air.
Michael Kitchen has to be the coolest actor of our days. He is superb, eloquent and so believable I actually googled his character to see if he really existed. He reminds me of Colombo in many ways, especially how clam he portrays Christian Foyle.
I cannot wait to view the next episode

Linda McNeley

Oh my gosh! We love this series! It is the best! Great that Kitchen and Weeks will be back!

Peter Poulton

Some of series 8 which was filmed in Trinity College Dublin

Diane Burke

I am beyond thrilled to learn of the return of "Foyle's War" !! When I first heard about it, I was holding my breath,afraid that the role of Christopher Foyle might be filled by someone other than Michael Kitchen,which as we all know would be absurd and impossible. I am such a fan of Mr Kitchen and am so happily looking forward to seeing this fabulous talent return! Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Fabulous. I agree.

Patricia Scott

Awesome!! So very happy that Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks will be a part of this series. Nice to have something to look forward to in 2013, since we just finished the last of Foyle's War series on Netflix. Thanks to all who make this series the success it is.

Annie Blue

Wonderful! love Michael Kitchen and his excellent subtle acting style....he is fantastic.... so glad Foyle returns - after the war years... Will his son be back also I wonder.....
.Thank you Anthony Horowitz - for your brilliant writing skills Keep on..please :) xo....

Lynn Hill

Foyle's War is my favorite series. I'm so happy that it is making a comeback and I'm looking forward to seeing it soon. I love Michael Kitchen and think he's excellent in the role of Christopher Foyle!

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