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I am really looking forward to season 5 but do sincerely hope that the time is ripe for Merlin to reveal his magic to Arthur. It is important for his (and Arthur's) character development. Please writers, do not drag this one out any longer! Merlin is known as a powerful sorcerer in all the legend stories so it's high time this is happening in the show, too.


I hope Merlin V will be more about Merlin himself! There is so much to tell about him, about his stories and about his powers! Plus Colin Morgan is so amazing!


yess agravaine succeded because of arthurs blind trust of those closest to him,and yess that a part of arthurs character,merlin will not succeded in some of the plans if arthur was not that trusting, but what they did not show and which made this argravaine thing hard to take was luck of motivation for argravaine,so yess he hated uther but arthur was his nephew and to be that ruthless in seeking his death and destruction without establishing a stronger reason why, took away from the story,we were required to believe that he was motivated by love for morgana one that was never shown in the show and the only hint was from a cut scene.merlin will be a much stronger show if they did a better job of establishing character motivation.
merlin as a show is very bad at showing conflict in their vilians,infact the only vilian that ever showed some kind of remose was nemue from season one,you could tell she was sad at what had happened between her and uther.i dont know if the luck of conflict of emotion is deu to acting or writing,yess we saw morgana heading toward evil but as much as she hated uther their were people she cared about,whom she had to turn he back to yet not once did we see her sad turning her back on her friends and planning their death untill season 4 finale in like a second scene but by then it was too late.i even have a problem with how easily my hero merlin kills without not even a blink,yess this people mean to kill arthur and he is always forced to kill them but life is still life and given that merlin is supossed to be the hero of the show and this being a family show it would be nice if he did show regret at being forced to take a life.


This articale is suffering from a huge lack of romance, where is the love interest of the show? How can you speak about the Arthurian legend in general or the show itself and overlook the love triangle? It is as important in the Arthurian storyline as Merlin's presence or Morgana's bitterness!!! really SAD.

Juni Shady Brown

more merlin movies must be showed i.e new episodes............

Juni Shady Brown

more actions must be showed..............
Merlin needs magic...........
'cause it lacks it and needs more of it.............

A Facebook User

I commend the writers for what they have been able to accomplish with this program up until now, and, am looking forward to all future episodes. I agree that it is getting close to when Merlin needs to reveal to Arthur who and what he is. I,also, agree that the reasons behind Agravaine's motives need to be exposed. I hope that those of you who have already seen season four don't reveal to us here in the USA too much of season four as we are just into this season. Again, I am looking forward to the remainder of this season, and to the adventures of season five.

Beth Schneider

I hopeful for season 5 that you do delve more into the legend. Hopefully the knights will turn to be a more important part of the story, just as the original legend holds. Also hope that you write the character of Gwaine a little better than in Series 4. You developed him so well in Series 3 and then took away everything that made him. You brought some of that back in The Secret Sharer, but it's sad that you've lost the charismatic Gwaine. The character Gwaine, is very important with in the original legend as well. Don't loose the the best Knight you have. Please and Thank you.


I agree that series 5 has to have the reveal. This is not Superman (see other interviews with Merlin folk). And a bit more about Merlin and some decent magic, please. He is supposed to be the most powerful warlock ... ever .... and yes to having Gwaine back to S3 Gwaine.


They need to make a season 6


It doesn't have to end here. Merlin could remember about a lost relic that holds the power to go back in time. He could then go back in time and change what he says to Arthur about magic. Arthur can then go back to the soothsayers and change his response. Then in the next episodes, evil magic can be fought with good magic in the hunt to take down Morgana. Queen Guinevere can then become pregnant in several episodes later and the baby can be born as Morgana is finally killed. There should also be an episode in there where Morgana's dragon is taken over and brought back to health by Merlin. He is then introduced to the old dragon before he dies. This is too good a series to end here. There could be so much more. Merlin can also finally then become friends with Mordred who can stand behind Arthur when facing Morgana, and in another episode, Arthur can finally see Merlin use his magic for good and realize that he has always been protecting him. Everything will then make sense. Arthur will realize the true wisdom of Merlin and ask for his input when ruling his kingdom.


Magnificent series, great performance, but did not close the story well. Many loose ends and also defrauded fans. The fifth season was hasty and forced the story. They promised much and failed. Magic does not return to Camelot, not met the golden age as expected, Merlin was never the great magician, had many errors that helped the premature death of Arthur.
JC and JM lost his big chance to really transcend. Perhaps, with the sixth season or more economic resources or more imagination or know what the fans really want, they had achieved. This explains why I do not win in NTA Merlin, even with such excellent actors.

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