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Della Gardner

It is wonderful for me to get to vicariously enjoy traveling to such fascinating places and getting to see them in a much more intimate level than tourists would usually get to do.
Good luck with Mt. Kilimanjaro. Can't wait to get my hands on the books.

christy c.

love the show since the other lead investigator is not on the show any more. I like the way you and your teammates handle things when ya`ll are on investigations. It would be cool if ya`ll did an investigation in the United States along with the other ghost hunters team.

Rita Palmer

I was wondering if Barry, Paul or one of the International team will join The GhostHunters in America? I think many people have experiences some form of spirits, or ghostly black shapes in their lifetime. Most people do not notice them. I have had seen black blobs and my daughter has also had things thrown down from the fireplace and whisperings and such. I was also wondering if sensitivity to animals and esp or whatever it might be called make that person notice these ghosts even more because of those sensitivities. Dogs come to me when I speak to them in my mind. My daughter is the same way.
I would love to be a ghost hunter, but so would millions of others. Thanks for the fine shows and I will be watching Wednesdays.

Heidi Hansen9

Dear Barry...thank you for this wonderful and inspiring program about hunting ghosts. I have myself experienced several encounters with ghosts since I was a little girl (it started when I was 12-14 years old, so it has been for the last 34 years I have experienced many things with ghosts) and at one time my Family and I lived in a haunted house where we experienced ghosts activity on a daily basic. On another occasion I was out walking the dog when I was a little girl and to experienced how scared the dog suddenly became when I felt something standing right before me...it was crazy....I'm am grateful for the show...You and your wonderful team is doing such a remarkable job. God bless you all for that. If you are interested in my encounters with ghosts you are most welcome to contact me through [email protected].
Many heartfelt greetings here from Copenhagen, Denmark


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