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Kelly Szentgyorgyi

Awesome! Congratulations on your contest with Syfy. Best wishes to all the entrants. Thank you, Steve, for all your excellent article and delightful interviews.

Jenniferlinn Martinez

♫ ♫ ♫ February 22nd... MY BIRTHDAY!!! ♫ ♫ ♫

HUGE Merlin fan! Wish me luck! ღ


Thanks so much for your kind words, Kelly, and your ongoing support of this site - both are MUCH appreciated!! Steve :)


Best of luck, Jenniferlinn, and HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!


I'm a huge Fan of the show and it doesn't matter if i"m in a bad mood or not, all i need to do is watch some episode, and all my stress goes way.

Morgana Lan

Beautiful Book!

Angela E Iris

Incrociamo le dita allora.... :D Buona fortuna a tutti!!! (from Italy)


Is the contest open to international fans?

Coralie Williams

Words can not explain how much I would love to win this !! I love Merlin so much!!


This would be my ultimate birthday present too, as my birthday is Feb. 26th. Who wouldn't want a Colin Morgan and cast autographed book?? Count me in on this contest. :)

Melissa Johnson

What an amazing prize do we just have to share on Facebook and twitter to have a chance to win ?


fingers crossed :)


I hope to be lucky! :)

Maria Spampinato

Would love to win this I never win anything in my entire life :( But I don't know how to share it on facebook?


Hi Melissa, Yes, if you can share on Facebook and twitter it will be a huge help towards pushing SciFiAndTvTalk to be one of the two sites that gets an autographed book to award to one lucky person! Thanks!


Hi Neda, Thanks for your message! Yes, the contest is open to international fans! :)


Hi Maria, Thanks for your message! You should see a "share" button on one of the Facebook links that I posted to the contest. If you're not able to share, liking the post will still be a huge help. Thanks!! :)


This would be an awesome item to have! Grew up with this show, and I wouldn't know what I'd do without it! (:


I want it bad!!!!


Se sont des super acteurs


WOW! What an fantastic book to treasure since merlin is coming to an end :( Good luck everyone!


Liked and shared on Facebook and Tweeted on twitter. Good luck everyone and thank you steve for such an amazing competition, i'll be sure to spread the word about this website and about this competition to my friends :)


omg i can't believe it, best of luck to everyone who enters!


Amazing prize! Shared on Facebook, Facebook Group and Twitter! Good luck to everyone!


I hope i'm the lucky one ;)

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