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What a great show and a great two seasons. I just watched episode 12 of season 2 via YouTube....but I'm afraid the creator
and producers are going to miss a beautiful opportunity. An opportunity
like TV has never seen before. Kiera, should be sent back to the future for a season or two. Liber8 has change things and her family is
gone or at least any resemblance of her family. Society has taken a full
swing the other way. It is now as out of balance as her world was
before, but the opposite. It's every man for themselves and total chaos. Now
it is clear she needs to get back to the pass in order to keep both
sides in check to have any hope of retuning to her family. Balance is
always the answer. The bad guys are on both sides of the spectrum. Total freedom is chaos with thougs and many dictators in charge and a total corporations world is a total dictatorship. Both are the enemy!

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