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John G.

I think Elodie revealed her real self in this episode: she is a sociopath, not unlike the eponymous "Outsider" in Sartre's "L'Etranger" (called "The Outsider" in Britain and "The Stranger" in the USA), who used the book as a litmus test. Abby passed with flying colors... not only did the book not turn Abby off, it turned her on: she went to Elodie's place and practically dragged her into her own bedroom.

Affairs where the seductress is a sociopath and the seducee has unhealthy boundaries are _EXTREMELY_ dangerous. Abby's life expectancy is sinking rapidly: a fit of murderous rage... much like that of the "Outsider" in Sartre's novel... is well within Elodie's capabilities.

John G.

Oops... it is Albert Camus, not Jean-Paul Sartre, who wrote "L'Etranger". They were both existentialists and both in Occupied Paris during World War II.

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